Offering Hope, Help and Healing since 1982

Hope Chapel's vision is to offer hope of a better life to the families of our community and beyond. We have had the joy to witness life-changing impact in the lives of many men, women, and children throughout the years of our ministry. For instance:

- Marriages on the verge of breakup have been restored
- Single mothers have been helped and encouraged in many ways
- Seniors and other adults have been provided for and helped with basic needs
- Youth who were considered "at risk" are now in college or working, and are experiencing a positive, productive life
- Children from low-income families have everything they need for day-to-day life
- People with drug and alcohol addictions are living sober, hopeful lives today
- People who have experienced depression and other mental and emotional problems, are living healthy, happy lives

Some of our present outreach efforts include:

FOOD AND HOPE OUTREACH We sponsor a large food give away every month.
KIDS DAY Every Summer we provide free back-to-school supplies to children in our community. The day also includes food and fun activities.

An October 31st event that reaches out to over 200 children. We have games, food and fun all for free!
We see our church as a beacon of hope, God's instrument to bring lasting hope for a better life to the people of our community and beyond. We are expanding our vision to reach more and more people with the Good News, to rescue them from darkness and to bring them into the Kingdom of God's beloved Son, Jesus Christ!
We help people come to know and love God through faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We are here to make disciples (followers of Jesus Christ) who understand that their purpose in life is to honor God and draw others to Jesus. We do this through Holy Spirit empowered worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, and prayer.