Expenses Paid by Your Faithful Financial Support...

Facility Expenses - Rent, property insurance, utilities, supplies for maintenance, cleaning and general upkeep, furnishings, improvements and repairs.

Ministry and Office Operations - Children’s Sunday School curriculum and supplies, Youth Ministry expenses, leadership training materials and conferences. Telephone and Internet service, computer upkeep, audio and video equipment, office equipment and supplies, printing, coping, audio CDs, books, Bibles and other outreach materials. Communion supplies, coffee, refreshments, cups, plates, etc.

Payroll - Salaries for Senior Pastor, Church Administrator, Part-time Church Steward and Sunday School Coordinator. Also, Workman’s Compensation, payroll taxes and insurances.

Emergency Assistance and Benevolence - This includes items for people in need, our monthly food outreach, and assistance we provide people with on a daily basis.

Special Outreach Events - The Easter Service, Church Picnic, Vacation Bible School, Kids Day (school supplies to children), the annual children’s Harvest Party, Christmas Parade Outreach, Union Rescue Mission Christmas outreach and other outreach efforts.

The Foursquare Church & Other Missions and Ministries - We give our Denomination over ten percent of all our church’s monthly general income. It is used to help start other Foursquare churches, to support missionaries worldwide, and to provide emergency assistance to people in need in the U.S and around the world.

We also give to various Christian Ministries and worthwhile organizations that focus on sharing the Gospel and providing for people in need.

Hawthorne Hope Chapel Foursquare Church is a non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible. Hope Chapel provides an annual letter stating the amount of your contributions for the calendar year.

To donate, please send a check or money order, for any amount to:

Hope Chapel
13560 S. Hawthorne Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Thank you so much for all your support! It truly makes a difference!